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SHANGHAI YUCHANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, referred to as CYCJET ---Professional handheld inkjet printer and portable marking solution manufacturer located at Shanghai, China. As a high-tech enterprise, CYCJET series products have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions, such as United States, Britain, France, Germany, Malaysia , Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc... Received highly commended by domestic and foreign customers.

CYCJET relies on head office which has experts with more than ten years experience and high innovation spirits to ensuring the product’s quality & reliability and the company’s future development. On the base of enlarging product’s scope, we do hope our coding system can meet the requirements of the customers all over the world, also constantly devotes to offering comprehensive high-end products of Industrial Ink-Jet & marking solution, smart & portable coding system, such latest type "A" series handheld inkjet printers, "B" series high-speed industrial inkjet printers , "C" series portable inkjet printers, and "L" series higher configuration fly laser marking machines.
CYCJET people consistently adhering to the concept of "Smart Thinking Smart Printing" , with professional technology, top quality, personalized service, preferential prices to meet the needs of different users, and with new and old friends to work together, common development, sharing a win-win、experience efficient 、smart and portable marking solution!
                                            BETTER CONCENTRATION, BETTER PROFESSION 

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