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B3020 Industrial Inkjet Printer
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B3020 Industrial Inkjet Printer
Mainly features: 1.CE,SGS, TUV International Approval; 2.B Series small character inkjet printer can achieve the highest max dot 32 printing, Chinese-English user interface, electrical systems, ink systems, printhead, nozzles innovative design, the inkjet printer to achieve a higher stability .
Why To Use
Robust Design   Perfect   Great User Friendly
Powerful performances. High speed multi-line printing and 1.6 liters large ink reservoir. Multi-language support. RS232/485 Communication. Tone-up touch panel.   Featured T-DEP (Dual Ejector Pump) and T-PRV (Pressure Regulating Valve). T-PNB (Permanent Nozzle Block) function with integrated single main board.   large LCD Touch Panel. Easy-to-use animated monitoring system and operating program. Simple ink and makeup refill. Easy START/STOP.
Powerful   Easy Maintenance   Simple Applications
Designed for demanding facilities and production environments. Simply and robust design, NEMA4 (IP55) Design.   Easy USB portal upgrade. Automatic log recording. Structured Manuals. A variety of user interface.   Guaranteed printhead and bracket quality. Size of console that can be hold and installed anywhere.
Main Parameter
● 1-6 line printing, offset function dot by dot, to achieve any editing, better meet customer editting requirement                 

● 5x5 dot matrix printing , speed up to 345 m / min.          

● Built-in over six thousand Chinese characters, Pinyin input directly                                         

● Automatic counting and counting nesting                

● The date and time automatically updated printing; continuous, serial number, number of times to repeat printing, shift printing                                                                                 

● 5 × 5,5 × 7,7 × 9,12 × 16,18 × 24,12 × 12,16 × 16, 16 × 32 printing;                               
● Long message editing, greater meet customer production needs;                       
● printing parameters and content integrated storage, meet variety products convenient printing any time, reducing time wasted on editorial  &  adjustments, great improve work efficiency.         
●Graphic can be edit by computer directly; Message, graphic, fonts can import or export via USB      

● Mass storage capacity, printing long message, a huge amount of information storage, Infinite extended memory via USB.

● Super-flexible custom font capabilities, which can be customize special printing fonts & printing mode based on customers" requirements, improve security Anti-counterfeiting, Anti-regional dumping feature.                    

● Bar code (128 yards), QR code printing, extensions function of computer on-line printing       
●  Machine LCD panel with LED lamp screen, direct display real-time status with texts, easy to observe the workshop,  also can optional increase the warning lamp based on requirement.                                                                         

Effect Picture Printing Video Operating Video  

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