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UV Fly Laser Marking Machine LU3F
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UV Fly Laser Marking Machine LU3F
CYCJET LU series UV Fly Laser printer using the original USA laser, Germany SCANLAB galvanometer, ensure that the excellent marking quality and high speed output. UV laser printing machine with compact designed and therefore suitable in the narrow space installation. Products are mainly used in polyethylene polymer materials, such as cosmetic, beverage, food, pipe and other industries
Why To Use
Robust & Well-Compact   Perfect   Great User Friendly
Color Touch screen Panel, Powerful performances. High Integration with  non-stopping, high-speed online marking, 55℃ high temperature resistance, 24hours long time running.                                                                                                                       Unique identifier effect, marking a clear permanent, security effect is obvious, can not remove and change, for a variety of colors. Multi-language support.                                             10" Color Touch Screen Display. Easy-to-use animated monitoring system and operating program. Red light positioning,  easy to use START/STOP.
Powerful   Easy Maintenance   Simple Applications
High efficiency, High reliability. Designed for demanding facilities and production environments. Simply and robust design, IP65  Designed. RS232/Net Communication.                                                                                                                                                                                   Low running cost, no consumption, and free-maintenance long time running, Easy USB portal upgrade. Automatic log recording. Structured Manuals. A variety color printing.                       

Environmentally friendly high-tech products, does not produce any harmful to human and the environment, up to GB7247-87, GB10320-88 standards.


Main Parameter

Laser machine features:

Machine Body: Complete Aluminum Structure

Laser Type: UV Laser

Output Power: ≥3W

Laser Wave Length: 355nm

Scanning system: High precision double scanning system

Marking Speed: ≤12000mm/s

Controller: 10"" Color touch screen

Operation System: Linux

Cooling System: Water Cooling or Air Cooling system

Laser printing parameters:

focusing lens: Focus distance 150mmOptional

Marking Line type: Dot-matrix, Vector font can be printing

Min Line size: 0.01mm

Repeated positioning accuracy: 0.003mm

Marking Area: 110mm×110mmOptional

Positioning: Red light positioning and automatic focus

Line Printing: Multi-line within marking size

Production line Speed: 0~230m/min (based on different materials)

Supported types:

Font: English, logo, number, date, time, barcode etc...

File format: PLT

Barcode: CODE39CODE128CODE126QR

Machine Parameters:

Power Supply: 110-240V 50/60HZ

power consumption: 1100W

N.W: 88KGS

Dimensions: 120mmX45mmX26MM

Suggest working environment: 15-340

,humidity≤80%; The condensation; No vibration

Effect Picture Printing Video Operating Video  

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