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Fiber Fly Laser Marking Machine
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Fiber Fly Laser Marking Machine
CYCJET LF series Fly laser printer used independent research and development of fiber lasers by our company, with a higher cost performance. The most advanced polarized lens system to ensure superior quality and high speed marking output. The entire laser system integrates a color touch screen controller, induction electric part, encoder and lift bracket. Sophisticated and compact designed, it can be easily installed in tight spaces. Mainly used high-speed multi-coding of electronic contents, motors, pipes & cable, metal...
Why To Use
Robust & Well-Compact   Perfect   Great User Friendly
Color Touch screen Panel, Powerful performances. High Integration with  non-stopping, high-speed online marking, 55℃ high temperature resistance, 24hours long time running.                                                                                                                       Unique identifier effect, marking a clear permanent, security effect is obvious, can not remove and change, for a variety of colors. Multi-language support.                                             10" Color Touch Screen Display. Easy-to-use animated monitoring system and operating program. Red light positioning,  easy to use START/STOP.
Powerful   Easy Maintenance   Simple Applications
High efficiency, High reliability. Designed for demanding facilities and production environments. Simply and robust design, IP65  Designed. RS232/Net Communication.                                                                                                                                                                                   Low running cost, no consumption, and free-maintenance long time running, Easy USB portal upgrade. Automatic log recording. Structured Manuals. A variety color printing.                       

Environmentally friendly high-tech products, does not produce any harmful to human and the environment, up to GB7247-87, GB10320-88 standards.

Main Parameter

Laser machine features:

Frame Material: ALUM.

Laser Device: Special Laser

Power: ≥30W

Laser Wavelength: 1064nm

Galvanometer deflection: High Precision dual dimensional scanning system

Marking speed: ≤12000mm/s

Master Control: Highly integrated board with 7 inch Color Touch screen

Operating System: WIN CE with High Speed Pipe Marking Software

Cooling: 3groups (6pcs) Cooling Fans

Marking Specifications:

Focus Distance: Focus 180mm

Marking line type: Dot matrix, bold, vector all in one(both dot matrix and vector)

Minimum line width: 0.012mm

Repeatability accurate positioning: 0.003mm

Marking Area: Standard 110mm×110mm(Customized available)

Marking height: Standard Character height 110mm

Marking Length: Unlimited

Positioning mode: Red light positioning and focusing

Number of characters: Any line(multi-line) within marking range

Line Speed: Standard 0~189m/min (depends on material)

Support type:

Typeface: Chinese , English, Arabic,Spanish Font library ;

Marking: Number, logo, image, letter, serials number, system date & time,etc...


Bar code: CODE39、CODE128、CODE126、QR、Z-Code


Power Supply: 100-220V/50-60HZ

Power Consumption: 600W

Net Weight: 62.5kgs

Oversize: 120mmX32mmX19MM

Environmental Requirement: 0-45; humidity≤95%;  non-condensing; no shaking


Effect Picture Printing Video Operating Video  

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