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  How to choose proper inkjet printing device for Cosmetics Industry

Abstract: The daily chemical industry has a wide range of product packaging and different materials, such as plastic/glass bottles, soft tubes, foil bags, small boxes, etc. Cosmetics is popular used by everyone nowadays. So assuring its quality and safety is great concern, so the desktop inkjet printer will be have popular application.

The product itself can be poorly encrypted, and it is extremely difficult for consumers to find a way to identify the authenticity of products to effectively curb fake sales. From this we can see that the simple and clear method of discriminating has become a consumer demand. This method must be beautifully designed and does not affect product sales and consumer experience.

Then, enterprises need to track the logistics information of each single product in the channel, monitor the phenomenon of stock pick-up from one-level to multi-level dealers through various means such as market surveillance and consumer-assisted inspection, obtain evidence, and master product circulation panorama. Ensure that every single product has its own path from production to sales. The source can be checked and traceable. 

Thirdly, Consumer management requirements.

Depend on the Portable inkjet printer application, after consumers use cosmetic products, if the quality is better, at the same time, the traceability process of cosmetics is obvious, and consumers" trust is usually obtained. Consumers also repeatedly purchase other products produced by the same company and have higher repurchase rates. Increase customer loyalty. Enterprises can use these data to optimize the promotion process, reduce costs and risks, and provide targeted access to consumer information and buying preferences.

CYCJET portable inkjet coding printer are non-contact, fast, clean and durable, and cost-effective. Whether plastic materials, PVC, PE or glass, metal materials, etc., the coding technology can be competent, printing batch number, validity period, Chinese characters and other information. Full compliance with the relevant provisions of the national cosmetics industry license.

CYCJET ALT390 manual inkjet printer, which equips IP55 protection grade stainless steel structure cover, meets the diversiform packages in all sizes and shapes. CYCJET ALT390 industrial inkjet printing machine apply non-contact inkjet printing technology, which makes the printings outstanding whether on the tiny glass bottles or tubes, whether on the soft plastic or carton packages.

Then, CYCJET Industrial inkjet printer adopts color touch screen, which makes the text inputting easier and clearer, WYSIWYW. Also, you can connect a mouse or keyboard with the expiry date inkjet printer, with which you also can control the printer for inputting printing information and adjust the PARAM. Total Stainless-steel body makes the batch number inkjet printer look more durable and beautiful, and is more suitable for industrial workshop. The industrial inkjet printer includes the XAAR print head, Samsung Micro-chip, which makes the printer more stable. It adopts Micro Piezo Technology; the software is quite easy and stable. The ALT390 batch number inkjet printer can not only can print automatic date and time, logo, serial number, random code, barcode, qr code, it also supports multi-lines printing, can print variable items, like variable barcode, variable qrcode, datamatrix code, etc. Based on its high integration and stability, the CYCJET Industrial inkjet printer can meet 24hours continuous working. 

Thirdly, patented UV inks can only be displayed under UV light, increasing the strength and effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting. Appearance of the appearance, clear coding, can increase the added value of cosmetics, help consumers identify genuine products, which indirectly promote the manufacturer"s marketing. 

 About Shanghai Yuchang Industrial CO.,LTD-CYCJET Brand

Shanghai Yu Chang Industrial CO., LTD., the manufacturer who was specialized in handheld inkjet printer and the portable marking solutions, through 10 years of professional development, has produced ALT360 hand jet printer, ALT382 large character handheld code printer , ALT390 Desktop Inkjet printer, ALT200 portable industrial inkjet printer, and LF series portable laser marking machine. Relying on the Yu Chang company perfect sales and after-sales service system, CYCJET brand series portable printing equipment have been best-sold to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

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